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Reservations to Treaties

Special Rapporteur of the International Law Commission on the topic of “Reservations to Treaties” (1994-2011)

Guide to Practice

Text of the Guide to Practice on Reservations to Treaties, comprising an introduction, the guidelines and commentaries thereto (I.L.C. Yearbook , 2011, Vol. II, Part Three)

Reports of the Special Rapporteur

First Report, 1995, Doc. A/CN.4/470 and Corr.1-2

Second Report, 1996, Doc. A/CN.4/477 and Add.1, and Doc. A/CN.4/478 (Bibliography)

Third Report, 1998, Doc. A/CN.4/491 and Add.1-6

Fourth Report, 1999, Doc. A/CN.4/499

Fifth Report, 2000, Doc. A/CN.4/508 and Add.1-5

Sixth Report, 2001, Doc. A/CN.4/518 and Add.1-3

Seventh Report, 2002, Doc. A/CN.4/526 and Add.1-3

Eighth Report, 2003, A/CN.4/535 and Add.1

Ninth Report, 2004, A/CN.4/544

Tenth Report, 2005, A/CN.4/558 and Add.1-2

Eleventh Report, 2006, A/CN.4/574

Twelfth Report, 2007, A/CN.4/584 and Add.1

Thirteenth Report, 2008, A/CN.4/600

Fourteenth Report, 2009, A/CN.4/614 and Add.1

Fifteenth Report, 2010, A/CN.4/624 and Add.1-2

Sixteenth Report, 2010, A/CN.4/626 and Add.1

Seventeenth Report, 2011, A/CN.4/626 and Add.1

See also the Analytical Guide to the Work of the International Law Commission on the topic of Reservations to Treaties.

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